R.K. Sharma

       Welcome to your review in the new session. Dr. Ambedkar B.Ed College was started in 2007 with 200 seats. The institute increased from 200 seats to 300 seats in the year 2008-09. The college has a training course in arts, science and commerce faculty. The college is located in a clean pollution-free environment near the city. The beautiful Vishal Bhawan, Hare Bharalon and Vishal Khel Maidan are well-equipped. The college building has all the facilities for the students like a huge library reading room, laboratories, seminar hall etc. The training work in the college is done by experienced and dedicated professors. We want the trainees of this institute to not lag behind in any field. For the mental, physical and spiritual development of the trainees, various types of co-educational activities are conducted. So that all round development of trainees can take place. I expect the trainees to set goals according to their abilities and work out an action plan to achieve it and work accordingly with hard work and devotion as long as the goal is achieved. I would like to say something like this for a good teacher. A Poor teacher tells an average teacher explains agood teacher helps but the best teacher inspires keeping this view in mind, I want to tell you that education is a path way th make person civilized and socialized. It is life long and never ending process, which starts from time of birth and contine till death. Lastly I request you all to Ixcome best teachers for every student and spend maximum time with them and inspire them to grow Once again I welcome the new session and wish you a bright future.