Sunil Bansal
Director And Founder

      Dear Trainees, I am glad that Dr. Ambedkar Teachers Training College is progressing continuously. On the auspicious occasion of the auspicious occasion of this new session, I extend my heartfelt greetings and welcome to you. Dr. Ambedkar B.Ed College was established in 2007 in which trainees, especially from rural areas, are educated and studied for higher education in different cities of the country. We are fortunate that the parents and students of this region expressed unwavering confidence in our progress, the result of which is that the college established by the institute is progressing continuously. Dear students and students, today's education needs to bring the same pride and respect. For this, first the people have to be awakened towards education so that people can understand the importance of education. It should be remembered that any country can make all-round development when its society is equitable and well-educated. The real work of the teacher is that he can uncover and create a built-in statue in the student. Lastly my heartfelt greetings and gratitude again.