Welcome To Dr. Ambedkar TT College

The aim of the Dr. Ambedkar B.Ed college is to create teachers who, through their knowledge, conduct, teaching techniques, can develop the all-round qualities of the children and cultivate the best qualities in them and make them loyal to Indian culture and values of life. The fulfillment of this larger goal is possible only when Acharyas are pundits with these qualities and Indian culture is reflected in their lives, conduct and duty. In today's era, this work is not successful but by aiming for great purpose, great inspiration, excellent planning and continuous practice, we will surely be able to achieve our goal one day by climbing these four golden steps.

Best Learing Enviorment

A good learning environment offers a safe platform for learners. Safety in a learning environment goes beyond physical well-being. In order to maintain a safe learning environment, learners must feel supported, welcomed, and respected.


A college library is a place where different types of academic books, newspapers, magazines, novels, storybooks, etc. are available for the students to study. It is an important part of college academic sides. It is generally housed in a spacious room of college academic building.


The infrastructure of a college plays a vital role in the development of the college as the students are now focusing on the labs, class rooms, etc while selecting a college. The software should support the academic work of the students along with bringing out their extracurricular activities.


We Provides you a Which is typically a class where you do the "hands on" work of that course. They're often offered for science courses so that students can actually engage with the material they're learning . They can include doing experiments, writing reports, tests, etc.